Terrible radio reception


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Have a 95 740i with regular factory radio. AM reception is simply horrible, often with static that makes a local station un-hearable. This problem is engine on or off, defogger on or off. However, sometimes, reception is perfectly fine with little background noise. I think it is worse on a very hot day. Sometimes, as you accelerate you hear it through radio. FM is fine. It is not the station because if I jump into Camry, reception is perfect.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Hank


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Its a pretty common problem with BMWs since the antenna is on the back windshield. You can get a signal booster or signal amplifier from your local stereoshop, but it only helps to some degree.
Just a thought, but is your back window tinted? I got my car tinted yesterday and they said for some reason it affects the AM reception. I had a black vinyl strip place over it at the top of the rear window for it to blend in and the reception is perfect.