E30 tire size

whats the biggest (widest) tire i can fit on the rear of my 325is?
it has 14x6.5 bbs basketweaves on it. ---thanks


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Whatever doesn't rub but you only have 6.5 inch rims so you can't go too large. Be aware that staggered size induces even more understeer and the car will handle worse than it does now unless you make substantial suspension upgrades. Your choices are limited if you stay with 14 inchers. See www.thetirerack.com for various fitment options.
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Like I mentioned to ledfoot earlier try The tire Rack (www.thetirerack.com). You can see what the various wheels will look like on your car using their fitment software. They have a warehouse in Reno so it isn't too far from you, shipping would be minimal. If you also need tires they can mount and balance them and ship them to you ready to install. Their prices are good too. You can also try www.tires.com or another company of your choosing on-line or local. I've had good results from the Tire Rack and have bought from them several times.