Bug and Tar Removal

Hi all,

I'd like to hear what you people do to remove the dead splattered bugs from your front bumpers (lights and hood).

It seems like my local places (Target, Pepboys, Kragen) seem to carry only the following two products:
Meguiar's Bug and Tar Remover
TurtleWax Bug and Tar Remover
Anyone tried any these products or do you recommend another product?

Hi vlad,

I read that you use plastic blades. Do you use some kind of spray to "loosen up" the bug residue before you scrape away? (BTW, very well written PDF).

Thanks in advance,
Most of the time you just need to loosen the dried crusty bug part. If you happen to be washing your car, spray down the bugs really well. A wet mushy bug won't have nearly the paint scratch potential of hard dried out bug remains.

As with anything else, start out with the most gentle cleaning product, then graduate up to more aggressive cleaning products.

Try water or something like Meguiar's Final Inspection. Use a spray bottle to squirt it on the bugs. I like to use my wife's left over hair spray bottles, they spray a very fine mist and have quite a bit of control to directing the spray. After soaking the dried remains, gently wipe the remains off with a good auto quality micro fiber towel, or a damp 100% cotton towel. Spray the bugs down again and wipe more. Keep doing tis until the bugs are either gone or you can't seem to remove any more.

Next, I would attempt to remove any further bug crap with one of the plastic razor blades that you mentioned. Spray the area really well and gently scrape with the blade. If this doesn't remove all of the bug(s), next proceed to using a paint work cleanser like P21S' cleanser or Meguiar's #2 Fine Cut Cleaner. Dab a bit of the cleaner onto the left over bug(s), let soak in for a minute or two and try wiping down with the micro fiber towel or damp 100% cotton towel.

The procedures to now should remove about 95% of all bug splatters. If you have a really nasty one that persists, then move on to the bug and tar remover. Be careful to check the use of these products in an inconspicuous area of your paint before applying to the main areas of your paint. Sometimes these solvents can produce an adverse reaction to the paints surface, particularly if your car has been repainted.

Yeah, I know this sounds a bit excessive just to remove bugs, but if you have a great looking paint job on your car, why risk scratching it up by merely trying to remove bugs?