All for 4-8 license plate screws

Wow, unbelievable! I just don't understand dealerships sometimes. I have gone in (to the BMW dealership) bought brand new BMW license plate holders that did not come with their own screws, but have screw cap covers. Now, first of all the car was bought from another non-BMW dealership. The car had no plates (the plate holders had those paper advertising the dealer bought from) and the screws holding dealer plate holder were way to big (not to mention they were f*%$king wood screws) and partially started to strip the tapped screw hole. So I had new plate holders (from BMW) and no screws to affix the plates to the car. I went back to BMW dealer and asked if I could get a couple of screws. The sales rep. looked at me straight in the eyes and said, "the screws should have came on the car when it was bought new". I told him well they are not there and could I get a few. He then asked who my sales rep. was and that he wanted to talk to him. I then explained that I didn't buy the car from this dealer and that I bought it used. Now he really didn't want anything to do with me. He told me there wasn't anything he could do for me. Well, I'm really pissed off now. I wanted to strangle him. I then asked if I could at least know the size of the screw in question. He told me he didn’t have time for me, because he is really busy. You had to have seen the place. Not one person in sight. This guy is just standing around and he’s really busy? Yea right. I was so mad I almost removed a set of four of a new 3 series. Granted I didn't. So now I have a new set of BMW plate holders that don't come w/screws and BMW won't take the time to give/sell me some (isn't this covered under warranty?). I have new plates waiting to be installed, and one pissed off BMW customer that’s just about had it with this dealership. Now isn't that the main idea; customer service? Especially new ones to keep them coming back. Luckily I love BMW cars. I just can't believe it. All this over 4-8 F*ing screws. Man, I hate to see the service I would get if I had a tranny go out. As you can tell I won't be bringing back my car to THAT dealership. I am lucky there is another in town.

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I've heard of said treatment at certain dealers and especially when you haven't purchased the car from them. I can't tell you where to find it, although I believe it's on, but there is a site to complain regarding dealer issues. From what I understand dealers accumulate points (or something similar on some qualitative system) of customer satisfaction, and those points are what BMW is particularly interested in as is the dealer. The more/less points acquired, the more heat that comes from the front office as to why they are treating the customer poorly or inadequately. This eventually results in a company "suit" showing up at the dealer with questions. That's not the perfect picture of what transpires, but I recommend letting your voice be heard. If that guy's drinking buddy came walking in would he get the same treatment? Good luck.
Thanks Special K, I just might do that. I have gone to the other local dealer w/better results, however they too are not the nicest people around. I don't know what it is. A lot of BMW dealers I have gone to just don't seem to give a shit once the car is purchased. One thing to note; the service guy at the second local dealer was very very nice and helpful. To bad he can't run the whole show. [:(]
One other thing you may want to try is and attempt a resolve it through them. We spend an average of 40K to buy this great product so service should be above exceptional. One thing that I will miss when I leave here in Japan is the service. McDonalds . . . it's always hot and fresh with no soggy greasy fries, buying gas . . . you and your car reign supreme for those brief 5 minutes no matter how dire the repairs needed to your car. The Ferrari gets the same treatment as the smoking 89' Nissan. Two people usually run around your car washing windows and checking for safety at no expected additional fee. Hmmmmm. I recently purchased new tires for my Nissan "Sunny" beater-mobile. I was placed in an air conditioned room (escorted by the cute hostess in a suit, no shit), given an English version magezine because they noticed that I was in fact an English speaker, and brought the paperwork to me to sign after it was all said and done. I think we could take a few pointers. Hope that adds to the assist.


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DAMN why can they get it right else where and not in their biggest market [confused] over here i brought my e30 to a main dealer to get the exhaust replaced they fitted it in the next day!! charged less than the local chop shop and they cleaned the car outside and in. whats up with BMW us they need a serious kick in the exhaust pipe[mad]
Good luck in your pursuit of satisfaction. I'm interested in what the result is as far a s feedback from the company goes and what they put in place to fix the problem.