2003 c 230 sports coupe test drive + s600 look

i just got a new c class well not quite i have to share the car with my mom but oh well i still get to drive it[:)]

It is a nice car its black with oyster leather and bose, + pana. roof

You think the car would lak power from a 4 but its supercharged the car can actually push you back in your seat smoothest shifing car i have ever been ( it has the sport pack...) handles great

only prob. the dealership is in the ghetto . but its a nice dealer and they seem very professional.

i sat in a 2004 s600 you she see the motor under the hood[hihi]
it is so nice[:)]

i also looked a a c32 amg thats a nice car to[:)]
The C32 indeed is a real blast. The S600 i agree with you as well. but as far as the standard C-class is concerned my experince is just too bad. i don't like it. the model i had was dead slow, okay it was a C180 but still, my golf III was faster, and furthemore the qualtiy was worse than worst. i could pull the speedo out of the dashboard with my thumbs.
its not a metal key it has a lil red flat pice on the end of the remote that you stick into the ((key hole)) and the car shoots a laser into the remote and the remote has to send the correct signal back its really cool. You only get 2 per car and if you lose one it cost 185 dollars for another one
yeah, the Mercedes keys are cooler than the BMW ones. They can even roll up the windows using the remote. My friend has a C32. That car is amazing.