Thunderstorm in Houston

Yesterday night we had a little farewell party for a girl who leaves today. well actually she is already on her plane now....whatever.

So we were at Hoooters [:D] with 4 girls and had chicken wings. Just when we intended to leave, the freakin weather went crazy and started hell on earth. dang it rained that much that the streets got watered way over the curbs at some places. i had the water at the door gaskets!!!! imagine that....

to get from the parking spot to my appartement, i had to get off shoes and socks....damn what a weather....

did you ever have something like that? i mean that bad?
naaa, but sound like an adventure
it was. we had a prelude infront of us. the guy stopped in front of one of those lakes as his car was too low for the water and he got scared to drown it in there....


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I've heard that it can flood a lot down in Houston and San Antonio.

So how are you liking the hot weather?
i melt away for loving it, i really melt [:(] [;)] [:D]


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Wadula said:
i melt away for loving it, i really melt :( ;) :D
hehe...summer is the worst down there.
"well its floodin' down in texas....allll of the telephone lines are down "
Once when I was in Florida it rained so damn hard that we had to take off our shoes and cross 7 inches of water in the parking lot to get to the grocery store. Thankfully I didn't have a BMW back then...
McKinney, (North of Dallas), just got hit by a pretty mean T-Storm [xx(] . Knocked the power out in the theatre. Texas weather is the best. If you don't the weather in Texas, just wait 5 min for it to change. [:D]


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We've been getting a lot of tstorm warnings, but no storms. Oh well, for the county with the best preservation of farmland in the country, rain's not important [xx(]
has any one ever lived in the dallas fortworth metro plex

theres where you get some badddd storms

there we had to replace our roof 4 times!

[pray] TO THE 7
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1995 - 2001 and whatever: 4 times???? dude, ever thought about drilling some holes and fixing it? j/k...those storms can be really messy!
HAVE you ever been hit by a tornado? [hatchet] lol
i havent but i have had hail the size of a fist ! no joke!
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naaaa no tornado, except my girl when i forgot to get the toilet seat down afterwards [rolleyes]
It rains so bad, and so regular in Oregon...

Everyone panics when the rain stops !!!

So what do I do ?, order a convertible !!


the weather sucks down here in san antonio, IT'S HOT[bigcry]
flash that rules!!!!! fight for your right to sunbath!!!!
I'm sorry Wadula.. you said Hooters and I stopped paying attention. [hihi] why didnt you just stay there.. and act all scared? girls eat that up! it woulda sucked to have to stay the night at one of their places that were closer the the restaurant because you couldnt get home!

P.S. if your girl reads this.. i am just kidding!
P.S.S. if she DOESNT read this... than i am not kidding.