North West Members - Meet Up?

I will try again, anyone interested in getting together for a meet-up and maybe a drive somewhere? I would love to do Chuck-a-Nut sometime in July/August? Or maybe a BBQ at someones home? Coffee at Starbucks? Picnic at a park? Let's have the 1st Annual bmwboard Northest Meet-up. I am open to suggestions.
You know I am down Dan. It just needs to be planned out. I for sure busy on the weekends of July 28-29 and on Aug. 24-26.....
Here are some dates and thoughts:
August 11th or 18th

Chuck-a-Nut Drive
Leavenworth (overnighter?)
Mt. Rainer Dr.

Let me know otherwise I am going to plan one or the other and go it alone...
Sorry guys I dropped the ball, lets do a drive on the August 18th. We can meet up wherever anyone wants but I am thinking about visiting Chuck-a-Nut Dr. via Redmond to avoid the 5. Maybe from my house take the 18 to the 202. I would leave my home at about 9:00am, Anyone want to go?

Crap Dan, I just don't have the time lately to completely surf the board and I always seem to miss this section. Just wanted to let you know I would love to come on this drive (any drive), but I have to take the two rug-rats to their Grandmothers house. Lets do one in the future for sure.....
No problem Scott, the other Dan is in the Seattle area and I was hoping he would be able to go, but if he can't he can't. I will keep in touch about a future drive. I am off to California later this month for the NASCAR race at the California Motor Speedway, a guest of UPS Racing (my older brother works for them). I am driving down for fun!
Damn Dan, I want your Good to have older brothers with the hook-up....

Dan (frolf) is in town? For how long? He have people here or just visit to the town?.....
He was visiting and scoping out future markets to use his degree in when he graduates. I just got home from meeting with his and his GF. We had a nice conversation at Starbucks downtown Seattle and than he had to leave for Bellvue to meet up with some friends. I believe he is headed back to Montana in a day or two. We missed you, next time!