M2 Brake Noise

I had the M2 out a few days ago on an extended drive.
I was with a few bikes and as you can imagine the driving wasn't too slow.
I started to notice under heavy use the brakes started making a grinding noise. They were still strong and I didn't notice any fade however, I can only presume this is normal with the M2 brakes as they are part of the sports performance M pack?

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I didn't get the carbon brakes no. The pedal doesn't travel any further after heavy use and the brakes don't feel like they are fading, there is just a noise coming through the cabin!

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There are no carbon ceramic breaks. I have a had the occasional break squeal but nothing out of the norm. Perhaps breaks were hot bed in properly when new? No issues with mine so far. The odd squeal is acceptable I think as happens with Alot of high performance breaks from various makes.

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Perhaps they weren't bedded in. That is one thing I was thinking actually! I am the second owner of the car and look after my cars.
I will give it another run tomorrow and take it to BMW next week for them to take a look at.

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So I took the car to BMW yesterday and hey confirmed that it is most likely due to an imperfection of one of the rotors.
Warranty covers it in Dubai so a full set of rotors and pads will be ordered on the next service.

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Hi guys,

So after returning the car to BMW due to brake noise issues I have been given a new set of front rotors and pads on the car (covered under warranty UAE)
However, after bedding in the new rotors and pads I am starting to see/hear the same results on the brakes.

Under heavy load at times with warm brakes there is a distinctive light vibration through the car with the sound of brakes under load noticeable.

Has anyone else had this in their cars? When you are driving hard can you hear anything from the brakes themselves?


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Now that I've finally picked up my M2 I see what you are talking about. There is a slight vibration when I stop at a higher speed. Not so much at slower speed.
The issue I find with it is that the vibration for me doesn't invoke confidence especially at higher speeds and there is a high level of vibration in the cabin. It is a worry
The dealership replaced the front rotors and pads, however after bedded them in the issue was still there.
I'm wondering if it is incorrect balancing or the rear discs that are the issue...
Dubai AGMC BMW are possibly the worst dealership, certainly the worst dealership I have ever dealt with and their customer service is atrocious.

I have contacted them again and will be dropping the car off on Sunday so will update in due course how it goes.
Let us know how you get on too if you take yours in to be seen to.

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So the problem has now been fixed.
I took the car in to BMW and they did a few road tests with different wheels and tyres on, but the issue was the discs... as it gets so hot in Dubai there were so imperfections causing the vibration and noise. They have all been skimmed and the issue has been resolved.
I have been reading more and more issues with the brakes on the M2 recently. So I would say if anyone has a problem with theirs that might be the cause.

I hope this helps anyway.

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Thanks [MENTION=63]Hendy329[/MENTION], I took my M2 to the dealer over the weekend and had a tech drove it. They said the brakes are normal and give it some more time to break in.