I've got the sickness....

Okay, heres the deal. I've had Vertigo for about a month now. (Inner ear infection causing one's 'inner balance' to get thrown out of whack, thus rendering the person dizzy, fatigued and often somewhat lethargic)... and for the past week or so its been pretty calm. It's been bearable so much as that i was able to go get my first bmw last weekend in Delaware and drive it back to Va. Well yesterday the dizziness and the fatigue was so bad that i had to leave work mid day, wake up this morning and i had to be taken to the doctor, which turned into a visit to the emergency room, and to make a long story short (too late), here i was earlier this evening sitting in my room, surrounded by prescription bottles and doctors notes. i started feeling better when i looked outside. out in the driveway sat my black 328i. not even a week old to me. i wanted to jump in it and drive somewhere, anywhere, everywhere. the thought seemed ridiculous. so i closed the blinds and layed back in bed. about an hour later, i thought: its nice and cool out now that its 7:00pm. im not very dizzy at all. maybe ill go outside and finish shining up the leather interior. that couldnt hurt. So, i got up and went outside and man was it nice. it had just finished raining so the humidity was real low, the temp was about 75 and the sun was lowering on the horizon. I opened the door and started wiping down the dash with leather protector. wiping the console glove compartment i sat in the drivers seat to reach the other side. i was wiping the drivers side door when i closed it to reach the bottom and then it dawned on me. i was right there. in driving mode. it was there when i realized how good i felt sitting in my car. yeah, i am on medication, but nothing that says i cant operate machinery. so why should i deny myself the pleasure of using the ultimate driving machine to let go for a while? i put the key in the ignition and turned it on. my head hadnt felt so clear in days. with that, i went on the best short drive ive ever taken.
am i still sick? yeah, im still sick. but while i was behind the weel with the windows down, the sunroof back while feeling the cool breeze hit me, there was no such thing as Vertigo, or tired, or dizzy for a while.
the way i see it, life is too short to miss out on the small pleasures people take for granted while they are healthy. [;)]

I hope your getting better[thumb] this probably doesn't help but I'll try anyway. My wife gets vertigo when she has had too much sodium. she retains water and it affects her inner ear giving her vertigo, fatigue, and low level nausea. Im feeling woozy just tallking about it. good luck--Timmeh
I'm right there with ya'.

I live in Southern Maryland and we have a lot of long, winding roads. I take off every opportunity I get and go explore them. I don't really care what's at the end of the road, so long as I'm on the road.

Feel better soon.
thanks for the replys. im feeling a little bit better today, however my blood pressure is still up and down. im kinda bummed out because all this past week, today was the day where i was going to have my car detailed and immaculate so i can do some serious driving. there arent any hills or curves around mountains like in maryland, but driving through downtown, around the shipyards, and over bridges can be a pretty cool industrial sight. most of all, i wanted to take the car for a drive on the strip at the beach. even though its pretty cliche for a younger guy like myself to go 'cruising', i still wanted to give myself that small bit of an ego boost for two reasons. one: i was down at the beach 2 weeks ago for the first time in a year, and everyone ususally brings out their 'bling' cars to show off. well, i was there and i didnt see anything! i mean some modded rice burners and 1 audi was all i saw! the rest were mustang's and honda's, boooring. secondly: i wanted to take her out on 'the runway' to have something to show for myself. mom and dad didnt help me get this car. it was 100% me. and its one of the best decisions ive ever made for myself.
maybe today my head will clear up later on today.

oh, quick question. i have some scratches on my rear bumper. is there anything special i can use to touch up the paint on that plastic type material?

Ahh... the power of BMW. As for those scratches, if you're feeling well enough you can drive down to your BMW dealership and they can give you some touch-up paint, just make sure you know how to apply it because I sure as hell don't.